Massive Media Corruption: CNN, NY Times, NBC Paid A LOT In Bribes To One Place, It All Makes Sense Now

The agents are said to have obtained a total of 300 presents from the mainstream liberal news. I guess now we can finally say exactly what Barack Obama intended by”Hope and Change!”

But what’s possibly worse about this brand new information regarding this FBI is that all it seems to have only been taking place in Washington D.C.. When individuals ask the question what’s been happening in different regions of the country.

There are many rank and file FBI agents that are the large majority who are stand up individuals. But the leadership needs to go, all of them since none had the courage to sound the alert even if they did not agree or were not a part of the corruption which was moving around. 1 thing is for sure, it will require the FBI generations to clean up their public image if it is even possible now.

More incredible information was also shown:

“Inspector General Michael Horowitz stated before that week about 50 FBI agents took 300 free gifts from news media.

But, Horowitz failed to stipulate the amount is ONLY in Washington D.C. which covers one area office and FBI headquarters. The Inspector General did not analyze the FBI’s other area offices, officials said.

Along with the issue of taking free presents for Intel is uncontrolled, officials said.

Los Angeles. New Haven. Philadelphia. The listing goes on from the FBI’s 55 field offices.

And so does the corruption. Outright bribery.

However there are dozens more, big and small.

FBI Director Christopher Wray wants this the issue of bribery and the FBI to disappear from news reports, yet he hasn’t launched an internal review nationwide to determine how rampant this problem is within the FBI, sources said.

Why no nationwide review by the Inspector General’s office?

Wray does not want to move there, officials said.

In fact, high-ranking FBI officials don’t want the list of FBI agents and information media divulged publicly either.

Just business as usual in The Swamp.

But that will likely include FBI brass who may make a nice dime on the side selling access to FBI Intel and policy as well. Agents like Robert Hanssen.

Or like a deputy manager’s wife getting $1.25 million in campaign donations while her husband was investigating — and draining — the source of the funds out of a criminal investigation. Rigging an investigation for cash.Is that considered a present? Or is that a brand new class?

And Wray certainly admits that’s a place he does not want to venture.

It is ugly and Wray — since he has done since taking office — wants to pretend it’s not an outbreak.

And what could Wray do if a number of the concerned media organizations turned about and said the payoffs for Intel were off a trade for putting stories the FBI desired in their books and newscasts?

Just the price of doing business behind the curtain with the FBI.

The FBI does not wish to lose its ability to smear its political enemies and access to the enablers — its media partners — who make it feasible.

And Big Media does not want to lose it’s pipeline to complimentary Intel.”

That is what occurs when we elected a President based on a slogan, a couple of well-read speeches, along with the colour of his skin. Barack Obama must have never been our president for two terms.

He allow the FBI become corrupt in an effort to turn them into an extension of the Democrat Party to ensure the left will never lose another election again. What a great legacy for the very first African American President, don’t you think?

Featured Image Source H/T: RWNOfficial

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