Tom Arnold Just Unleashed Hell On Trump’s Family, Promised It’ll Get Worse – Does For Him Instead!

Generic B-list actor Tom Arnold is going after President Donald Trump and his loved ones in a hateful binge on social media.

The guy whose IMDB page includes a very long list of things people don’t really care about seems to be coordinating, or hoping for, a protest in front of the White House and to get a grip on the members of their household.

Based on taking a look at his Twitter account, it seems like he is trying everything from calling Trump a child abuser to wanting words together with Melania.

The ex-Roseanne star and former husband to Roseanne Barr’s attempts to gain significance are immediately pointed out by numerous individuals on social media. Arnold’s activities are that of a desperate celebrity attempting to find himself some twinkle of a spotlight where people will listen to him.

He is throwing his efforts towards the Hollywood and anti-Trump audience. Maybe he thinks if he acts like he hates Trump, then he’ll get some fans. He only has just over 221,000 followers on Twitter, that doesn’t seem like much to get a guy who’s seriously weathered face always looks like he is fighting to push out a bit of his mad constipation.

We don’t know if he suffers from constipation or not, but his facial photos on Twitter certainly suggest it. Of course, that’s nothing more than opinion to not be confused with details. Only Tom knows if he is struggling to launch himself at the bathroom and we hope he keeps that information . He is nearly 60, so maybe he should calm down a bit instead of raging all day on the Internet.

Meanwhile, his own efforts to regain relevancy he lost after Roseanne and he split up might be falling flat with people who are more accountable.

Contrarily, anyone less than civilized might be considering joining the anger fueled attempts of B-List man-boy Tom Arnold. Their attempts, if going into action, might be fulfilled quickly by the Secret Service — a force one should probably not reckon with.

Roseanne’s”ex-husband is thinking about stalking and harassing Trump Jr’s and Jared Kushner’s kids. Hey @TwitterSafety is coordinating child-stalking enabled in your platform? Oh, I forgot. You let r**e threats, so of course you would allow stalking children.

Arnold tweeted:”Dude, we could protest at The White House too. Additionally Melania requires him to school. If we see babies everywhere we are likely to Kushners kids college. Don Jr’s kids are already working at Hooters so we’ll demonstration there for lunch.”

Only two days before, Arnold cautioned that”It ain’t’ over until the kids are secure and the Trump Administration isn’t.” He also called our President and Attorney General Sessions”white trash” for bold to enforce the legislation which have not been enforced for nearly two decades.

Executive Order my ass. Donald Trump & Jeff Sessions are lying white trash child abusing monsters. It ai not over until the children are secure & the Trump Administration isn’t.”

Is this the kind of guy that Roseanne married in the day? If so, is the reason they split up? Could you imagine coming home to this man every night and he’s just mad and attempting to organize protests around people’s homes just because he doesn’t like them? Can you imagine someone calling other people kid abusers when it’s not true?

The Secret Service should visit Tom Arnold since he seems to have come really unhinged and he truly does look dangerous. What happens if somebody acts on Arnold’s words and does something violent because of this nonsense that Tom’s talking about?

Featured Image Source H/T: RWNOfficial

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