Owner Of RED HEN RESTAURANT Who Kicked Sarah Sanders Out Is Cousin Of Famous Hollywood Celeb

Trump derangement syndrome is a real thing and it’s permeated every aspect of the party. Some parts of the Republican party. Showing it is truly unfortunate when people can’t place their views and negative emotions aside to be considerate.

A complete example of this was last week when Press Secretary for the White House, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was kicked out of a restaurant in Lexington, Virginia for working for the present administration. However, the family connection is what has everybody talking now.

The voiced hypocrisy is typical of the progressive worldview. Apparently, Ms. Wilkinson wasn’t at the restaurant in the time, her team called her at home inquiring what they need to do.

Wilkinson told the Washington post”that her restaurant and its own half-dozen cooks and servers had managed to remain in business for 10 years by maintaining politics off the menu.” ”

And she understood — she believed — that Sarah Huckabee Sanders worked in the service of a “inhumane and unethical” administration. That she publicly defended the president’s cruelest policies, which could not endure.”

Many Red Hen employees are gay, she said. They knew Sanders had defended Trump’s want to depart transgender individuals from the army.

This month, they had watched her evade questions and shield a Trump policy that caused migrant children to be separated from their parents. “Tell me everything you need me to do. I am able to ask her to leave,” Wilkinson told her team, she explained. “They said’yes.'”

She walked into the media secretary’s seat. “I said,’I’m the owner,'” she remembered,”‘I would like you to come out to the terrace with me to get a phrase.'” They stepped out, into another small enclosure, but at least out of this crowded restaurant.

“I was babbling a little, but I got my point across at a polite and direct fashion,” Wilkinson said. “I explained that the restaurant has specific standards that I feel it’s to uphold, like honesty, and compassion, and cooperation. “I said,’I’d like to ask you to leave.'” Sanders’s response was immediate, Wilkinson said:”‘ That is fine. I’ll go.'” Wilkinson had no regrets about her decision.

“I’d have done the exact same thing ,” she said “We just felt there are moments in time when people need to live their own convictions. This seemed to be one.”

As she headed out the door to some weekend Main Street festival she had helped organize, she seemed optimistic that the Red Hen could open for business as usual Saturday night. Yes, she had calls for #MAGA protests on Facebook. “But this really is a small enough city, and we are understood,” she said optimistically. “This isn’t going to be a giant surprise to anyone.”

VA State Congressman Ben Cline apologized to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, tweeting:”On behalf of his hometown of Lexington, for the rudeness of a liberal New York transplant (who also happens to be Meryl Streep’s cousin).” Cline continued,”We hope you will come back and revel in our place’s true southern hospitality.”

On behalf of my hometown of Lexington, I want to apologize to the rudeness of one liberal New York transplant (who also happens to be Meryl Streep’s cousin). We hope you will come back and revel in our place’s true southern hospitality.

Last night I had been told by the proprietor of Red Hen at Lexington, VA to leave because I work for @POTUS and I politely left. Her activities say far more about her than me. I do my best to treat individuals, such as people I disagree with, professionally and certainly will continue to do this

What @PressSec experienced in Lexington last night is quite unfortunate and doesn’t reflect right upon the type and caring people of Lexington that I know. There are many great and innovative businesses in #VA06 that I hope you will come back to see.

Last night I was told by the proprietor of Red Hen in Lexington, VA to depart because I work for @POTUS and I left. Her activities say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to deal with people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so

This will not end well for the Wilkerson family, their business pursuits, or the workers who found their tender sensibilities too triggered by the appearance of a Trump supporter within their restaurant.

The intersection of business and politics is littered with the carcasses of unsuccessful enterprises who made similar decisions. The list is long and also the stupid is strong. Never underestimate the capacity of a public company to destroy itself.

No policy is idiot-proof, merely fool resistant; and there are always broader, bigger and much more dumb idiots even in the sandwich industry. In the mind of a far-left progressive, they believe their insane political perspectives are the only views that matter.

They always over-estimate their geographic support and discover their need for superiority such that it affords them a bizarre moral right to force their rankings upon other people.

It is extremely unfortunate that we now live in a society where we can’t disagree without needing to have some huge showdown. Standard decency and respect is gone from the window.

If we don’t like someone we have to demonize them and kick them out of our place of business. Certainly, someone wasn’t raised because where I come from this is considered exceptionally rude and disrespectful. But, there are lots of other good business owners that I’m sure love their nation and would be more than happy to serve.

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