Trump Just Issued Stunning Order To All U.S. Citizens That Has ‘Undocumenteds’ Sprinting For The Border

President Trump is ordering all American citizens to take heed of and listen to his own private vow never to allow America become Europe seeing migrants and refugees on his view.

“The United States won’t be a migrant camp and it won’t be a refugee holding facility,” Trump vowed during a media conference. “It will not be. You take a look at what is going on in Europe and other areas, we can’t let it happen to the USA.

Not on my watch.” That is a really robust and authoritative statement from our Commander-in-Chief. It’s his strongest statement yet throughout his term as president. It has truly put undocumented illegal aliens notice and is sending them running to the border. And it’s an order and vow Americans can take to heart.

The press has been wall to wall assaulting President Trump and his government for separating children from their parents in the boundary. Although 10,000 of the previous 12,000 kids who came over that edge did so without their real parents. At last count, the media had used Holocaust references 22 times to perform on the issue.

They are all using the exact same talking points as well. The left has won over some Republicans like Laura Bush, who contrasted the detention centers to Japanese internment camps. That’s also not true and hypocritical since her husband signed a fantastic deal of the to law in 2008.

Give President Trump his because he is standing strong on the issue and in fact, as I know it, ICE will soon be doubling back on their immigration raids and the boundary will probably be tightened up even farther.

When an American is convicted of a crime, their kids are not sent to prison with them. And where are the tears for Americans permanently separated from their loved ones that were murdered by illegal aliens?

President Trump is not likely to bow into the propaganda of the left this. He even made a solemn vow to not let this country turn into Europe over immigration and refugees.

This is only one of the most significant motives that President Trump has been chosen. Americans want illegal immigration stopped and our borders secured. They want unvetted refugees to prevent flooding the nation as well. And above all, they want the wallsocket. We are a sovereign state and Trump understands we will not remain one if we don’t secure our borders.

Trump isn’t anti-immigrant. All he is asking is what the rest of people are requesting, follow the law. Come here the correct and lawful manner as everyone else does. You should also benefit this nation, not harm it by leeching our state services. But make no mistake — Trump will do whatever is required to protect our country, however unpopular it is or how much liberals shout over it.

Have a nice, long look in Europe. They are being crushed under the weight of this refugee/migrant crisis. It is all made to create compliant voting bases and to repopulate states whose populations are dwindling.

“We want boundaries, we need security, we need safety,” Trump said. The president is well aware that the border issue became toxic under Bill Clinton and George Bush didn’t help it either. Barack Obama kicked it into high gear and now Trump is cleaning up their mess.

They do not care about the’poor children,’ they care about power and voting blocs. They also wish to distract from the entire FBI mess currently unfolding on The Hill and they want to make President Trump seem bad also.

President Trump had this to say:”If the Democrats would sit instead of obstructing, we could have something done very quickly. Great for the children, great for the nation, good for your entire world.” That’s precisely perfect.

Trump also said he would consider accepting even more immigrants, but only if we could concentrate on”high skills immigration.” We’re the only nation on the planet that doesn’t and we need to begin doing this.

Before any of that can happen, the border has to be strengthened and procured. And also our immigration laws must be enforced. “A country without a border is not a nation at all. It begins at the boundary, and that is the way it’s,” Trump stated. Again, that’s just right. He’s ordering Americans to hear his words because Trump keeps his promises. This won’t happen on his watch.

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