Homeland Security Boss Announces Border Ultimatum That Sends ‘Undocumenteds’ Fleeing

The controversy surrounding immigration issues at the boundary has been escalating over the last couple of weeks. President Trump, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Kirstjen Nielsen have been going overboard giving press statements, press releases, and speaking with the people and other agencies with this ongoing issue.

But it is Secretary Nielsen that has been receiving the brunt of the criticism as head of the Department of Homeland Security. It’s only gotten progressively worse. And it will continue to go on so long since the media permits this kind of behaviour to continue.

The Patriot Journal reported,

“We have to do our job,” stated Nielsen. “We will not apologize to do our job. We have sworn to do that job. This government has a simple message. ”

In response to those who assert DHS is maintaining “children in cages,” Nielsen clarified that situation with the fact… something liberals have no interest in.

But here it is:”It is very important to note that these minors are very well taken care of. Do not think the media. They’re very well taken care of. You know this, as most of you have detention centers of your own. We operate based on some of the greatest standards in the country. We supply medical, food, education, and all needs that the child asks.”

All this is true, and therefore don’t hear the endless liberal propaganda that the mainstream media shoves down our throats. Should you make a false immigration claim, then we will prosecute you. Should you’re illegal aliens across an exceedingly dangerous journey, we’ll prosecute you.”

But all of the replies she’s been supplying is insufficient and people have chosen to protest her agency in addition to her house in retaliation. The Washington Post reported,

“About two dozen people gathered Friday afternoon away from the Virginia home of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in response to the Trump government’s policy on separating children from their parents in the boundary. In accordance with an organizer of the protest, Nielsen was seen leaving through the back door of the house, at Alexandria, as the protest wound down around 8:30 a.m..

It lasted about an hour. Nielsen has come to be the face of President Trump’s family separation coverage, which he halted within an executive order Wednesday. At least 2,500 immigrant children have been separated from their families within the previous six weeks in the boundary ”

Secretary Nielson made it clear with her ultimatum. If you’re coming to the usa for the right reasons to seek asylum and escape persecution then there is not any reason to illegally cross. We have the resources to take care of and accept migrants who are fleeing persecution.

But if they do not arrive here the ideal way then we cannot help them the way we can have if they were honest with us in the very beginning. This administration is compassionate but it also has limitations. Contrary to Democrats, we know that there are limitations to what we’re capable of doing and we can’t pay for everything because that is not the way the world works.

No amount of protesting will change that reality and no quantity of vitriol that’s spewed at her will alter that . Neilsen is following the law and instructing her employees and officers to do the same.

Furthermore, she is following the directions of the current White House administration. There’s not any shame in that, she ought to be proud of it.

She’s completely correct, the mainstream media isn’t reporting on the reality because these children are given impeccable care upon their arrival. We’re one of the most generous countries in the entire world yet some within our country don’t recognize it and instead attempt to demonize members of the government for their activities.

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