Illegal Alien Killed Husband And 2 Small Children – Judge Gives Him Special Gift

The Democrats want you to think everyone coming over from South America, and Mexico is law-abiding people who just want to come to America illegally to create a better lifestyle for themselves.

This may be true for a small portion of these, but most just want one thing.

Free everything! This is the reality, and Democrats know that.

This is the reason why Democrats have selected illegals over Americans this November. What is even sadder is Democrats are willing to sacrifice the safety of American children by supporting the dismantling of ICE, and scaling back deportations all to score political points in order that they can try and take back the House and Senate.

Choosing illegals of Americans is a new low for the abandoned, but it is not surprising.

Throughout the last 10 decades, Democrats have thrown the American people under the bus, called them racist, bigots, and hillbillies if they didn’t support Barack Obama’s progressive agenda.

His agenda has caused more harm than great to America. Children have improved, and raping women, and illegals murdering, and homegrown terrorism has skyrocketed. The left has one agenda, which is open borders. They think everyone is welcome no matter their background or nationality. Now, the left’s attack on our immigration laws has affected a different family.

A widow whose husband and two youngest kids were k****d by a illegal immigrant is fighting to see stricter punishment for its k****r, that got only two years in prison.

Margarito Quintero-Rosales pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years.

“How do you look at somebody and say’You k****d 3 people, two decades is ?'” Hacking said, saying she believes she was failed by that the justice system.

“To me, being prohibited in this country was a crime on its own,” she explained.

“I wish to find those laws imposed and I wish to see stricter punishment,” she explained of her objectives.

Hacking says she gets her power these days out of her four sons, all she has left of her loved ones. — Fox News

The left does not see being here illegally as a crime. They see that as an opportunity to profit voters, so that they could stay in power. It’s pretty pathetic to understand our elected officials would rather score political points than rescue a family from being assaulted, or even worse MURDERED! I am sure they’ll blame white privilege.

“He was here in legally he drove he was working illegally and he k****d three innocent people no matter how you look at it’s still m****r,” explained Hacking.

Hacking delivered that message in a Collin County court after Rosales obtained the highest two-year sentence for criminally negligent homicide.

Criminal defense lawyer Toby Shook States a more sentence would require demonstrating an intent to k**l.

“If it’s just an accident then the nation has to prove criminal negligence which is a higher standard,” said Shook.

“It hurts just as much now as the day it occurred,” said Hacking.”

Hacking says she is working with federal lawmakers to produce immigration status an aggravating factor that could enhance punishments for deadly crimes.

She’s worried that Rosales will sneak back into the US after he is released from jail and deported next calendar year.

“What is he going to do this time? Is it going to hold up a bank since he is in this country at the moment and all we’ve done a smack him on the wrist,” she explained? –CBS News

The left celebrates this sort of demonic actions because they feel sorry for the illegal alien who is here because he is”Fleeing harm from his native state”, and we’re supposed to give them a pass, and tell them not to do it again.

This is the equivalent of feminist posting signs telling people not to r**e each other since they march down the roads topless. They believe laws can be passed based on emotions , and what is”Good for everyone”.

Featured Image Source H/T: RWNOfficial

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