Legendary Filmmaker Speaks out About Trump, What He Said Has Liberals Fuming!

At a recent interview, famed director David Lynch spoke about President Donald Trump and his impact on America. Bucking from the rest of Hollywood, Lynch dropped a bombshell that will have each member of the “hollywood” reeling.

It’s becoming harder and harder to corelate wiht Hollywood. Rather than wising up and supporting us, most actors spend their time beating the president and his many fans.

While there are a couple of actors who appear to avoid the controversy, too many anger from the Commander in Chief. From has-been’s such as Rosie O’Donnell to directors such as Jon Favreau, many prominent Hollywood figures spend most of their time attacking Donald Trump.

Some have gone as far as to undermine Trump and his loved ones. That level of hate towards political competitions is unheard of.

Many folks in La, La Land seem to party Trump to earn a badge of honour. If they would like to be accepted in their toxic, Harvey Weinstein-loving industry, they must say horrible things about our leader.

When they don’t, they will fear rebuttal or even worse. But not everybody. Legendary director David Lynch, who is most famous for its classic TV series Twin Peaks, has never been one to just march along. In a recent interview, he shared his ideas concerning President Trump.

In no uncertain terms, he explained Trump could go down as one of the best presidents in our history.

“He can go down as one of the greatest presidents ever since he has interrupted the item so much. No one is able to counter this guy in a smart way.” … he is opening up a space in which other outsiders might.

“Our so-called pioneers can’t take the nation forward, can not get anything finished. They are. Trump has shown all this.”

You better believe that the liberals in The Guardian weren’t happy about that quotation! The left has all but declared war against this administration. They back terrorists such as Antifa. Liberals put illegal aliens and criminals ahead of American citizens. Mayors of cities tipped off illegals about ICE raids. Numerous cities and states violate national law to provide refuge for criminals.

Supporting American rights and values no longer matters to Democrats. They care about one thing.

But why? Yet they never appear to find evidence to back that claim. Their entire justification for opposing Trump is developed on a bunch of lies. Most of the timethey have to alter video or photos to make him look bad — just to be ashamed themselves.

Lynch hit the nail right on the head. His aims to help restore our strength and dignity is exactly what the abandoned (and corrupt Republicans) anxiety. They don’t really believe Trump is going to hurt America. They know he’ll continue to place us first, thus hurting the evil globalists that desired to destroy us.

But he is wise enough to recognize how poisonous and worthless our politicians are. He called them out as”children” Most of our lawmakers are petty, selfish, egotistical winners. They would rather hold rallies promising to impeach our officially elected president, than use him. That tells you everything you will need to know about Democrats.

It is really quite refreshing to find that a man as respected as Lynch talk so highly of Trump. You better believe there are artsy-fartsy types in Hollywood melt right now. To see him talking positively of Trump has only shattered their delicate minds. They’re fleeing to secure spaces as you read this.

Let’s make sure they remain there. Distribute this fantastic information to everyone that you know.

Featured Image Source H/T: MadWorldNews

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