Melania Just Got Nasty Surprise From Celebs And Dems With New Coats They’re Wearing

Mainstream media outlets and also the left are always watching the very first women moves in hopes that she will mess something up so imagine how excited they were when she wore ZARA coat with the message, “I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U?”

On the back of it. However, they overlooked the significance of her message completely, which is ironic because they are those who were the target of her message.

It appears that many have also forgotten the first lady is the immigrant who moved into the United States back in 1996 and became a lawful US citizen in 2001.

She’s nothing but sympathy for all the immigrants and their children that’s why she went to see them at the facility in Texas. In fact, she didn’t even wear the jacket in the TX centre, she wore it on the plane to send the message into the left and mainstream media outlets.

Of course, it is not any surprise to see many actors jump on board the latest bandwagon to speak out from the first family, which demonstrates that they did not understand the real message of this jacket either.

Based on Indy 100, Celebrities are protesting Melania Trump’s decision to wear a ZARA coat with the words’that I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U?’ While a kid detention centre was visited by her emblazoned across the back.

Her decision to wear the jacket was universally condemned, with people calling it’distasteful’ and’disgusting’.

The backlash forced Donald Trump to weigh in, asserting the words on the jacket were directed towards the’Fake News Media’.

Melania has heard how dishonest they are, and she really no more cares!

The First Lady’s spokeswoman contradicted her husband’s voice, saying there was’no hidden message’ within her wardrobe choice.

Now actors are trying to utilize their”celeb standing” to send their own messages but have they missed the mark completely? It seems that those celebrities and just a Congresswoman in Nevada are missing the point entirely and making it into something it is not only for their own gain.

Indy 100 noted that Disney celebrity Jenna Ortega made and wore a jacket with the words’I really do care and you should also’ written on the back. The 15-year-old wore the article of clothing onto the red carpet in the Radio Disney Music Awards on Friday.

In case anyone was doubt about who the message was for, she captioned her Instagram article’Dear @flotus’.

And she isn’t the sole one. Many followed suit.

According to Indy 100, Jill Vedder, the spouse of Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder submitted a picture on Instagram wearing a coat with the words ‘YES WE ALL CARE Y-DON’T-U’ printed on the back.

Congresswoman for Nevada Dina Titus tweeted an image of a piece of newspaper onto her back with’I care’ written on it to the First Lady.

Fashion homes have taken up the protest shout and designed their own #IDoCare jackets.

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When your husband takes your jacket

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In fact, clothing company PSA Provide Co-released t-shirts based on the coat’s design with the words’I actually do care, do not you?’ Written on them.

Countless shirts were sold over the first 12 hours of going on sale, raising more than $10,000 (#7,500) for United We Dream, a non-pro organization campaigning for relief and acceptable treatment for young undocumented migrants in the US.

The firm, which is run by viral video website Upworthy, wrote:’Following Melania’s fashion disaster now, we figured we had to do something about it’

We sprung our Rapid Response unit into action, known as our friends at United We Dream, and are introducing here, a much better message: We Care. We Really Can.

Fundamentally, the way they’re reacting is demonstrating Melania’s point. The way everybody is responding to what she wore and their response proves Melania’s unique point that she doesn’t care about their opinions of her.

Featured Image Source H/T: PSRepublic

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