JUSTICE SERVED To Red Hen Owner As She’s Forced Out After Sudden Turn Of Events

We consider this very good news.

This came after a survey was conducted on whether she should go or stay. I voted in that survey against her and for once it made a difference.

So much for her imagining herself as some kind of local hero over her disgraceful behaviour. Wilkinson told The Washington Post she asked Sanders to leave because the restaurant employs several LGBT workers and Sanders’ defense of President Trump’s telephone to bar transgender individuals from the military were antithetical to her beliefs.

Wilkinson already had to take down her FB page because she got hammered and murdered there. I also hear that business for Wilkinson has taken a severe hit.

After Sanders was 86’d in the Red Hen, conservatives and Trump supporters took to Yelp and blasted Wilkinson. That was just hours after the incident happened. Subsequently protesters that support the Trump government showed up beyond the Red Hen.

That got media attention. And since it kicked into high gear, many just showed up to observe. The episode sparked lots of protests and a great deal of criticism from Trump supporters and even some Democrats.

A raucous demonstration happened when people gathered out the Red Hen to protest the restaurant’s remedy of Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“I’m appalled at the way that they treated the press secretary, also I believe if people don’t make a stand, that type of stuff will continue around the state and around the nation,” said Ian McDonald, 34, of Accomack County. “So we’ve got to send a message that it is not acceptable.”

“I think by [Wilkinson] making the decision to get this done, she opened herself to a fired-up nation,” Paulette DelCasale, from Georgia, said while protesting outside the restaurant. “I believe this city is losing its identity,” explained Simon Islam, a senior at Washington and Lee University, that can be in Lexington. “It has become too liberal, and it has had a negative effects.”

‘The Red Hen’ restaurant which kicked out @PressSec Sarah Sanders on Friday will probably stay closed until next week, and the proprietor has stepped out of a local business organization. @dougmckelway reports.
Lauren Green at Fox News asked a very good question over most of this:

“Those words are very close to the sentiment of President Abraham Lincoln, who after the Civil War said of the Southern combatants:”Do I not destroy my enemies once I make them my friends?”

“If restaurant owner Stephanie Wilkinson so disagreed with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, the Trump government and Cabinet members so strongly, why didn’t she watch Sanders’ existence inside her restaurant for a gift from God to attempt to change an enemy into a friend?”

Indeed, it had been a missed opportunity that might have really helped Wilkinson’s cause. Evidently, the Golden Rule is a great deal more difficult than it sounds:”Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.”

On behalf of my hometown of Lexington, I want to apologize to the rudeness of one liberal New York transplant (who also appears to be Meryl Streep’s cousin). We hope you will come back and revel in our area’s true southern hospitality.

VA State Representative Ben Cline profusely apologized to the activities of the Red Hen restaurant proprietor and made it clear they do not support what she did. She also stalked Sanders’ in-laws when they left and went to another restaurant in which she assembled a mob to frighten them.

Wilkinson jumped to protest against them as well. Why am I not surprised. Her actions negatively impacted the Facebook webpage for The Historic City of Lexington, VA.. It had to be closed down after becoming deluged with negative remarks on all of this. They were the people who conducted the survey and whose board Wilkinson was removed from as director of the downtown business district.

The Red Hen restaurant itself has evidently closed its doors for an undetermined quantity of time. Justin Peery, the owner of Good Place Farms Bed & Breakfast, which hosted the Sanders family last week, said Wilkinson will not reopen the restaurant until July 5. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. Seems like justice.

Wilkinson gets the right to kick out whomever she desires, but she has the right to go out of business when folks stop going there. Things just are not going her way. So much for her model of morality. The elongated shutdown will cost the owners and employees significantly.

Main Street Lexington’s Board President, Elizabeth Branner, accepted Wilkonson’s resignation yesterday morning. “Considering the events of this weekend, Stephanie felt it best for the continued success of Main Street Lexington, she must step aside,” Branner wrote in an email. She is right… some mistakes you can’t return from.

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