‘Red Hen’ Owner Who Booted Sarah Sanders Just Got Nasty Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Less than 1 week later kicking out White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and continued to harass her family,”Red Hen” proprietor Stephanie Wilkinson finally received a bitter flavor of her own intolerant medicine.

If conservatives experience someone with whom they disagree, they attempt to engage in meaningful discussion. There is immunity.

Rather than encouraging civil discourse, leftist ideologues are resorting to suppression, harassment, as well as physical violence in response to”problematic” ideas. Obviously, they are quickly discovering their juvenile and actions have consequences.

On Friday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her extended family members, many of whom are liberals, were forced from their Red Hen eatery in Lexington, Virginia, by co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson.

Even though the party politely faked the indignant staffers, Wilkinson proceeded to gather her comrades and shout Sanders’ household at another restaurant, screaming insults and demanding they leave. Now that word of her behaviour is national news, Wilkinson is being made to live by her own fundamentals.

Red Hen co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson has not just been forced to resign as executive director of Main Street Lexington, according to Fox News, she has also put herself at the middle of what might turn into a huge lawsuit for damages concerning the effect her discrimination against Sarah Huckabee Sanders has had on Red Hen institutions across the nation.

Main Street Lexington president Elizabeth Outland Branner offered a brief response with regard to Wilkinson’s resignation, which is undoubtedly a movement toward damage control for the group, which represents many regional companies.

“Considering the events of the past weekend, Stephanie felt it best for the continuing success of Main Street Lexington, she must step aside,” Branner composed in an email.

Wilkinson has caused such severe damage to other like-named institutions that company owners are desperately addressing the people outrage by disavowing the disgraced liberal feminist and announcing it is illegal to deny service to customers based on their political leanings.

Over 4,300 responded, including numerous tweets calling the restaurant to condone Sanders along with the Trump government’s activities. The Red Hen replied the dangers by defining”unaffiliated” and an explanation it is illegal for companies in the District of Columbia to discriminate against people because of their political perspectives.

Firms in DC are banned from discriminating against people for political affiliation because we’re a federal district. We have patrons from each side of the aisle.

— The Red Hen (@RedHenDC) June 24, 2018

Another Red Hen restaurant, this one in Swedesboro, New Jersey, also faced a ton of angry calls and social networking articles for refusing to serve a woman who’d never stepped through their doorway.

“Constantly check your details before you erroneously defame an innocent sufferer on Facebook,” said a post on the family-owned restaurant’s Facebook page.

The manager of a New Jersey-based restaurant with the same name lamented that their place’s evaluation has plummetted from”4.8 stars to three-point-something.” An owner in Saybrook, Connecticut, tried to avoid this same harm with the addition of a pop-up box stating that their restaurant has”absolutely no affiliation with another Red Hen restaurant anyplace else.”

Wilkinson has defended her discriminatory action, ironically claiming that she does not like”confrontation” however seems a moral duty to harass political characters and their innocent relatives.

“I’ve a business, and I need the business to thrive.” However, she went on to say,”This feels like the moment in our democracy when people need to make uncomfortable decisions and actions to uphold their morals.”

When the mainstream press spreads those with particular political perspectives are”Nazis,” they incite violence and hatred in people prone to carry out these extremist beliefs. If conservatives are indeed Nazis, progressives have a moral obligation to not just combat them but physically stop them.

But, conservatives aren’t Nazis. In fact, the best has consistently stood up to the liberties of all, such as far-leftists, to express their own beliefs in a peaceful and unhindered way. Such is the opposite of Nazism. In reality, it is those screaming”Nazi!”

Stephanie Wilkinson is getting exactly what she has demanded — a backlash in the political opposition. While conservatives are not likely to wield the government for a weapon to induce intolerant ideologues like her to serve those they don’t need to function, as the left does, they’re learning injecting their political views into their non-political professions may not be the best business decision.

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