Trump Warned Maxine Waters And She Didn’t Listen, Now He’s Sending In The Feds

Following President Trump and lots of others have cautioned California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, AKA “Auntie Maxine” to stop the violent rhetoric from President Trump’s cupboard and Conservatives it appears things have reached a fever pitch and today we’re getting various reports which the United States Secret Service is investigating the Congresswoman.

I just filed a complaint against Rep. @MaxineWaters with the @SecretService. Although the Secret Service Officer couldn’t enter the particulars of the evaluation, he’d inform me that SS is looking into Maxine’s comments that incite violence against @realDonaldTrump his team.

The Judicial Watch criticism known as attention her multiple calls for violence against a sitting president, which is contrary to the law. The group makes a point to say that lawmakers should in fact vote on whether or not to censure Waters, which could, in turn, force her resignation.

This comes as Waters also came under fire for praising the early 90s LA riots, which led to 63 Id **d, almost a billion dollars worth of property damage, and tens of thousands injured.

Here is more on this via CDP:

“The Secret Service is investigating Rep. Maxine Waters after she urged people to harass and face Trump administration officials and supporters in people, as stated by the American Mirror.

Conservative watchdog Judicial Watch has also filed a complaint against Waters together with the House Office of Congressional Ethics, saying her calls for violence against a sitting president is against the law. The group claims lawmakers should vote on whether to censure Waters, which could force her to resign.

On Monday, Loomer tweeted that after she filed her complaint, the Secret Service told me that it had been”looking into” Waters frightening remarks.

According to Conservative Daily Post, Waters issued a dangerous call to action over the weekend, urging individuals to harass and inflict violence against officials working for President Donald Trump. She said those who work for and encourage the president shouldn’t be welcomed or allowed in society.

Here’s part of what she stated:

“In case you think we’re rallying today, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Already, you have members of your Cabinet who are being booed from restaurants… who’ve protesters taking up in their property, who say,’No peace, no sleeping! No peace, no sleeping! ”’

“Let’s be sure we appear wherever we need to show up and if you see anyone from that Cabinet in a restaurant, at a department store, in a gas station, you get out and you also make a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, everywhere.”

After her chilling and disgusting remarks, Judicial Watch filed a complaint on Monday against Waters for inciting violence from members of Trump’s cupboard.

The team said no member of Congress should be permitted to make such sickening comments, arguing that lawmakers must vote on whether she should be censured.

Her calls for violence also came as pro-Trump Florida Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi was spit on by liberals while being chased out of a movie theater over the weekend. Prior to that, a mob of deranged liberals swarmed the house of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen, placing her family at risk of being assaulted, harassed, and confronted.

Many would agree Waters’ threatening rhetoric should result in an evaluation by the Secret Service. Lawmakers should likewise be forced to vote, on the document, about whether they believe any actions should be taken against Waters.

This dangerous rhetoric has led to Republicans and members of the Trump administration being targeted, assaulted, and harassed.

Threatening violence against an elected official or member of the president’s administration is a felony, and Waters should be held liable.”

President Trump also chimed in on Monday that the best way he knows how to attain his fans with no censor and spin of the Liberal Mainstream media, using a tweet.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a very low IQ person, has become, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Surface of the Democrat Party. She’s only called for harm to supporters, of that there are many, of the Make America Great Again movement.

Pam Bondi tried to attend a screening of this Mister Rogers documentary a day after announcing her plan to finish protections for health care customers with preexisting conditions. Here, via @timintampa, is exactly what occurred.

President Trump is 100 percent correct. Us conservatives are extremely logical and calm, unlike our liberal counterparts that are all bark and no bite. But this kind of rhetoric has no place in the public discourse, particularly when it regards a congresswoman like Waters who has no business being in public office to begin with.

Take care what you wish for”Auntie Maxine,” you can only rattle a cage so much before the caged dog rises up and strikes back in defense. And when this happens things won’t end well for your side.

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