JUSTICE SERVED! US Supreme Court Just Ruled Against Obama – Found Him In Complete Violation

For eight years, President Barack Hussein Obama felt like he had been some sort of God that ruled our great nation. He thought wrong.

Following eight years of hell, the supreme court has decided to prove to everybody after, and for those Obama totally violated the United States Constitution.

The Supreme court, earlier this month ruled that Obama Appointee, Lafe Solomon illegally served as the acting general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board.

Solomon spent three decades in this position. While Barack Obama ignored the U.S Senates reasons on why they wouldn’t take up Solomon’s nomination he made damn sure that Solomon maintained his job.

The Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998 clearly says Solomon was supposed to resign from any company he had inventory, or sat on a plank. During Solomon’s illegal appointment he intervened in a case on behalf of a business he’s stock in.

This is the kind of lawlessness we had from the previous government. The press gave Obama, as well as the rest of the administration a pass. Permit a Republican U.S Senator create a wrong foot gesture at the men’s toilet, and it’s blasted all over the world, and pushed hard until the Senator either resigns, or is forced out.

Eric Holder actually got away with m****r during Fast and Furious and the media just let it move as if it were something that happens everyday, and nobody really cared. President Trump knows first hand what it is like to be assaulted by the media.

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Unlike every other President in modern history, Barack Hussein Obama is not stepping aside for the benefit of the nation to let the new President govern.

Out of office for under a year, Barack Hussein Obama already has a”community organizing” company with 250 offices across the country, and 30,000 workers in place. Their sole purpose is to interfere, and struggle the Trump government every step along the way. It is despicable. It’s Un-American!

The title of his new nonprofit group is named OFA. Get use to this folks, it will soon be as famous as George Soros, and Dark Lives Matter.

OFA stands for Organizing for Action. How appropriate. The neighborhood organizer is going back to planning albeit on a far bigger scale, not to mention much more violent and destructive.

It is evident that Soros cash is in the forefront of everything. It is so obvious, but the Left continues to deny, deny, deny! Barack and Michelle Obama deliberately moved into an 8,000 square foot mansion just two kilometers from President Donald Trump’s current house, the White House.

Obama will also be renting office space in the headquarters building of the National Wildlife Building. It’s all too suspicious.

The Daily Mail has additionally reported that Obama’s closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett, has also moved to the mansion. The reasoning? She’s extremely close with all the Obamas. She lived at the White House with them while Obama was in office. Jarrett was included in many major domestic and foreign policy decisions while Obama was in office too.

Many Americans are worried that Barack Obama is working on building a shadow government to interrupt the presidency of Donald Trump. It appears that we’re getting awfully close to sedition.

The New York Post reported:

Barack Obama did not care whatsoever about the Constitution. Require the Chrysler Bailout for example. Yes, the Bush Admin started it, however, Barack Obama’s Admin utilized the TARP funds to bully Chrysler’s secured lenders who were entitles to”Absolute priority” into accepting 30 cents on each dollar while the smaller creditors received much more.

Obamacare, Political Profiling by the IRS, Recess Appointments, DACA & DAPA, Assault On Free Speech and Due Process On College Campuses, The Clean Power Act, ” The WOTUS Rule, Net Neutrality, EPA’s Cap & Trade just to name a few. The audacity which Barack Obama had to shreds the Constitution is despicable.

That’s Just The Beginning

It was clearly difficult to narrow that enumeration to just 10–and I cheated by placing all of the Obamacare shenanigans under one item. Some might complain that I should have prioritized other sorts of executive activities, whether regarding g**s or transgender toilet access or power regulation.

Others might prefer to invoke President Obama’s decision to not subject the Iran nuclear treaty to a Senate vote–aided by Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker’s naïve complicity–or participating at the Bowe Bergdahl captive swap without telling Congress. Regrettably, the chances for this parlor game are almost infinite.

Then, of course, there’s the administration’s abysmal performance before the Supreme Court, where its win percentage hovers around 45 percent (according to a historical standard of 60-70 percent).

Even the Justice Department has even suffered nearly 50 unanimous losses, half as many as under George W. Bush or Bill Clinton. These instances have come in such disparate areas as criminal process, religious liberty, property rights, immigration, securities law, tax regulation, and the separation of powers.

They have nothing in common other than amazing assertions of national power. The government’s arguments throughout this vast array of instances would basically allow the executive branch to do whatever it needs without constitutional restraint.

Are these really the type of powers President Obama and his innovative enablers would want their worst enemies to get?

As my buddy Gene Healy writes in the most recent issue of Reason, “the idea of’President Trump’ seemed like a thought experiment that a libertarian could have invented to get a liberal buddy to center on the dangers of concentrated power.

Now it is an experiment we are going to operate in actuality, beginning January 20, 2017.”

If you live by executive action, you de by executive action–whether that means reversing President Obama’s policies or pocketing his constitutional excesses for future usage. –Federalist

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