Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Floored Everyone With 9-Year-Old Admission On Trump

In the middle of all of the drama that’s going on today, it would do us a wonder of good to take time to appreciate the little things… the great things that go on about us.

One such memorable incident happened last summer and it makes me grin whenever I think of it. I bet it will make you feel good also.

DC can be a very ugly location. But it’s also a place where warriors fight for us daily. A giant among them is President Trump who has fought with the establishment politicians each step along the way. But even there, life-affirming and uplifting things warm our hearts.

Sarah said it was a moment to remember the”forgotten men, women, and kids that we’re here to serve and that the President is fighting .” And it was. It reminds all us that all of us issue and the largest truths many times come from the tiniest of Americans, our kids. According to the Washington Times, the letter came from a young guy named Dylan.

However, he notes that”everybody calls me Pickle.” I really like that nickname and it hearkens back to a much simpler time. It appears like Trump has a devoted new buddy.

In the letter which was dated June 1st, the little boy calls Trump his favourite President and says he had a Trump-themed birthday celebration. “My cake was at the (shape) of the jacket,” he said. He was referring to Trump’s signature red”Make America Great Again” cap. Dylan also had a list of questions for President Trump that Sarah read.

“How old are you? Ho(w) much monny (sic) would you have?” The letter read. The left asks that question so they can examine Trump’s tax returns and bank balances.

Dylan asks it so he could eventually become great like his President. “I really don’t now why people don’t like you,” he continued. Sanders responded,”Me either, Dylan.” I think most of us felt that way once we heard that letter and we still feel like that. “You seme nice can we be friends?” He reasoned, while noting he’d included his image.

Sanders in the time said that she expected that Dylan was watching at home”since the President wanted me to personally tell you hello.” “And if you are ever in Washington, D.C., I hope you will stop by and let us show you round the White House.” And Dylan did visit the White House which is in itself a different story.

The touching letter went viral. Americans could not get enough of it. They are starved for good, clean innocent patriotism. The San Diego Union-Tribune qualified its post on the episode, “Everyone’s talking about Dylan, age 9.

Donald Trump is his ‘favorite president. ”’ It wasn’t just an adorable instant, it revealed the White House press area was going to be a whole lot different under Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sanders is a tigress and has handled every confrontation by the lamestream media with elegance and aplomb. Regardless of if they attack her looks, her speech or her morals. She’s a devout Christian, a dedicated mother and the best media secretary I think we’ve ever had.

The media hates to cover things like this because it creates President Trump look good. In reality, they move out of the way to spoil press such as this. They’d rather focus on soap opera drama and all-things Russian (except those that truly matter). Anything which makes the President look bad or inept is what they strive for.

They love their President and alike hate the media nowadays. And one small boy named Pickle definitely enjoys President Trump. The media should take notes and a lesson from this kid.

Hunting on Fox and Friends, Dylan’s mom, SuAnn Harbin, said the pair will”certainly” take the White House on its offer to have them tour Trump’s residence.

Their television look dismissed suspicions held by a few that Dylan, nicknamed”Pickle,” was not real and the correspondence had been faked.

“Theres no way a 9 year old boy wrote that. I work with children and any child who is named Pickle and wishes to be buddies with Trump aint actual,” a social networking user wrote on Twitter. That’s a standard leftist reply and it had been pushed from the Washington Post. No big surprise there.

Dylan told Fox News anchors that he wrote the President”because I wanted him to become my buddy ” His mom said she had not affected her son. “It was all him. He did everything,” she said. SuAnn stated her son is”so excited” the White House reacted to the letter. She also added that they received little caution before Sanders browse the letter openly.

“It was a surprise. We had been at a Giants game and they’d called right before we moved into the scene and they said, ‘Hi, this is so and so from the White House and we are calling to let you know we obtained Pickle’s letter also that they’re going to see it in the press conference in about 20 minutes,'” she told Fox News.

When asked why he admires Trump, Dylan said,”Because he’s a smart businessman and I enjoy all of his suits”

Pickle did get his tour and he must meet President Trump from what I understand. And the sole propaganda is what came from the left and the media which no one, and I mean no one, listened to.

Featured Image Source H/T: PSRepublic

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