Trump Graciously Posed In Selfie With Two Kids Who Asked Without Realizing What Else It Caught

As one of the very approachable presidents in history, President Donald Trump didn’t hesitate to partake in a picture when two kids approached and asked when he’d.

He has seen grinning in between a brother and sister duo in the shot captured yesterdaybut when it hit the world wide web, everybody immediately observed one shocking thing inside on closer look.

The photograph looks like every other fan shot on the market, with two teenaged kids who happened to find the chance to meet the president. But it’s now gone viral following viewers realized who the kids were and why their paths had crossed with the presidents.

Like thousands of others, they sat in the audience and listened to our Commander-in-Chief talk about the significance of police work in the usa and the forfeit it frequently is, that has gone without recognition for eight years under Barack Obama.

Trump not only revealed deep admiration for the men and women in law enforcement but their families as well, many of whom have been left to pick up the pieces after losing their hero in the line of duty.

While Obama routinely recognized thugs shot by cops and incited riots around it, Trump does just the contrary in fixing the senseless loss of life with people who work to serve and protect everyone and mentions them.

This means more to Elijah and Gianna than it will for most since these sisters are just two of five in their loved ones who are currently growing up without their dad, who died while on duty on October 31, 2016.

I do not recall Obama ever announcing his condolences when an officer of the law was murdered, let alone take time to meet personally with their families and take a selfie with their kids.

He did this for thugs’ mothers seeking vengeance in their criminal child’s death by cop but refused to provide the same attention and respect where it really belongs — on the true victims.

What’s seen in this photo of the president with Fresno officer Sgt. Rod Lucas’ children is a genuine joy that the Trump had to be part of this day to get them, to personally tell them that their daddy was a hero who’s appreciated for his services.

“Lucas died an accidental death in the hands of one of his law enforcement colleagues on October 31, 2016. They were altering guns around, talking about different ways to carry a second gun, even when a gun was accidentally discharged, and a bullet struck Lucas from the torso,” Breitbart reports.

In years past during Police Week, children and families of fallen officers didn’t receive the recognition they deserved from our president. Now that Trump is in office, he is more than compensate for that lost time beneath Obama and ensuring kids who woke up to bad news that their mother or daddy wasn’t coming home, feel they aren’t forgotten.

In an incredible moment at precisely the exact same event on Monday, held in the front of the U.S. Capitol at D.C., Trump switched his speech to a 6-year-old boy called Micah, who he watched in the audience.

Micah had dropped his officer father in a shootout he was involved in while on the job in Phoenix, Arizona. Trump wanted to give him something particular and private and did so by tossing the boy his hat he’d beneath the podium, which he had been saving for himself to wear after the event till he discovered a far better use for it.

Until Trump took office, the presidency was more concerned about disarming our officers and sympathizing with the households of thugs who perished in the commission of a crime. Whenever a cop was killed, the past president would not have addressed it.

However, that age officially ended on Monday when Trump posed to get a selfie with just two fatherless children and tossed his hat into this little boy before stating,”I want you to know that patriotic Americans of all backgrounds truly love and support our authorities.”

Featured Image Source H/T: PSRepublic

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