Video From 2016 Election Night Just Emerged and It’s Worse Than They Said!

The 2016 elections have been an incredibly emotional night in the history of this nation. We know that there was much celebration but there were many tears shed well.

A brand new HBO documentary has seized the response of former Obama Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes along with his shell shocked response to Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

This video of a shell-shocked Ben Rhodes after Hillary’s election reduction taken from a new HBO documentary is outstanding.

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HBO released a documentary this year, titled”The Final Year,” tracking the final days of this Obama administration.

We all know the 2016 election captured many in media and politics by surprise.

We also know that a few people took Donald Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton harder than leading members of their Obama administration, many of whom were expecting to get their legacies cemented by the former secretary of state.

What I didn’t know until a recent screening of “The Final Year” is that Trump’s victory momentarily broke Rhodes’ brain. HBO was there in November 2016 the minute he figured out Trump defeat Hillary.

This man’s mind was literally broken for 2 minutes as he could not understand a Donald Trump success.

It truly is moments like those that will remain priceless forever, regardless of what the future holds. For just one moment in time that the globalist forces were stopped, and they will never take that away.

Featured Image Source H/T: ConservativePost

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