Breaking: Maxine Waters Just Got Served

Laura Loomer, a conservative investigative journalist, is charging “Auntie” Maxine for attack, citing Waters struck her hand and swatted her face with office newspapers.

Waters squirmed because she had been faced by Loomer and requested to meet privately in her office. Waters swiped at Loomer’s camera and swatted Loomer together with her office papers.

After the incident, Loomer vowed to hold the abandoned responsible for their hypocritical actions.

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‘Red Hen’ Owner Who Booted Sarah Sanders Just Got Nasty Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Less than 1 week later kicking out White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and continued to harass her family,”Red Hen” proprietor Stephanie Wilkinson finally received a bitter flavor of her own intolerant medicine.

If conservatives experience someone with whom they disagree, they attempt to engage in meaningful discussion. There is immunity.

Rather than encouraging civil discourse, leftist ideologues are resorting to suppression, harassment, as well as physical violence in response to”problematic” ideas. Obviously, they are quickly discovering their juvenile and actions have consequences.

On Friday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her extended family members, many of whom are liberals, were forced from their Red Hen eatery in Lexington, Virginia, by co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson.

Even though the party politely faked the indignant staffers, Wilkinson proceeded to gather her comrades and shout Sanders’ household at another restaurant, screaming insults and demanding they leave. Now that word of her behaviour is national news, Wilkinson is being made to live by her own fundamentals.

Red Hen co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson has not just been forced to resign as executive director of Main Street Lexington, according to Fox News, she has also put herself at the middle of what might turn into a huge lawsuit for damages concerning the effect her discrimination against Sarah Huckabee Sanders has had on Red Hen institutions across the nation.

Main Street Lexington president Elizabeth Outland Branner offered a brief response with regard to Wilkinson’s resignation, which is undoubtedly a movement toward damage control for the group, which represents many regional companies.

“Considering the events of the past weekend, Stephanie felt it best for the continuing success of Main Street Lexington, she must step aside,” Branner composed in an email.

Wilkinson has caused such severe damage to other like-named institutions that company owners are desperately addressing the people outrage by disavowing the disgraced liberal feminist and announcing it is illegal to deny service to customers based on their political leanings.

Over 4,300 responded, including numerous tweets calling the restaurant to condone Sanders along with the Trump government’s activities. The Red Hen replied the dangers by defining”unaffiliated” and an explanation it is illegal for companies in the District of Columbia to discriminate against people because of their political perspectives.

Firms in DC are banned from discriminating against people for political affiliation because we’re a federal district. We have patrons from each side of the aisle.

— The Red Hen (@RedHenDC) June 24, 2018

Another Red Hen restaurant, this one in Swedesboro, New Jersey, also faced a ton of angry calls and social networking articles for refusing to serve a woman who’d never stepped through their doorway.

“Constantly check your details before you erroneously defame an innocent sufferer on Facebook,” said a post on the family-owned restaurant’s Facebook page.

The manager of a New Jersey-based restaurant with the same name lamented that their place’s evaluation has plummetted from”4.8 stars to three-point-something.” An owner in Saybrook, Connecticut, tried to avoid this same harm with the addition of a pop-up box stating that their restaurant has”absolutely no affiliation with another Red Hen restaurant anyplace else.”

Wilkinson has defended her discriminatory action, ironically claiming that she does not like”confrontation” however seems a moral duty to harass political characters and their innocent relatives.

“I’ve a business, and I need the business to thrive.” However, she went on to say,”This feels like the moment in our democracy when people need to make uncomfortable decisions and actions to uphold their morals.”

When the mainstream press spreads those with particular political perspectives are”Nazis,” they incite violence and hatred in people prone to carry out these extremist beliefs. If conservatives are indeed Nazis, progressives have a moral obligation to not just combat them but physically stop them.

But, conservatives aren’t Nazis. In fact, the best has consistently stood up to the liberties of all, such as far-leftists, to express their own beliefs in a peaceful and unhindered way. Such is the opposite of Nazism. In reality, it is those screaming”Nazi!”

Stephanie Wilkinson is getting exactly what she has demanded — a backlash in the political opposition. While conservatives are not likely to wield the government for a weapon to induce intolerant ideologues like her to serve those they don’t need to function, as the left does, they’re learning injecting their political views into their non-political professions may not be the best business decision.

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Legendary Filmmaker Speaks out About Trump, What He Said Has Liberals Fuming!

At a recent interview, famed director David Lynch spoke about President Donald Trump and his impact on America. Bucking from the rest of Hollywood, Lynch dropped a bombshell that will have each member of the “hollywood” reeling.

It’s becoming harder and harder to corelate wiht Hollywood. Rather than wising up and supporting us, most actors spend their time beating the president and his many fans.

While there are a couple of actors who appear to avoid the controversy, too many anger from the Commander in Chief. From has-been’s such as Rosie O’Donnell to directors such as Jon Favreau, many prominent Hollywood figures spend most of their time attacking Donald Trump.

Some have gone as far as to undermine Trump and his loved ones. That level of hate towards political competitions is unheard of.

Many folks in La, La Land seem to party Trump to earn a badge of honour. If they would like to be accepted in their toxic, Harvey Weinstein-loving industry, they must say horrible things about our leader.

When they don’t, they will fear rebuttal or even worse. But not everybody. Legendary director David Lynch, who is most famous for its classic TV series Twin Peaks, has never been one to just march along. In a recent interview, he shared his ideas concerning President Trump.

In no uncertain terms, he explained Trump could go down as one of the best presidents in our history.

“He can go down as one of the greatest presidents ever since he has interrupted the item so much. No one is able to counter this guy in a smart way.” … he is opening up a space in which other outsiders might.

“Our so-called pioneers can’t take the nation forward, can not get anything finished. They are. Trump has shown all this.”

You better believe that the liberals in The Guardian weren’t happy about that quotation! The left has all but declared war against this administration. They back terrorists such as Antifa. Liberals put illegal aliens and criminals ahead of American citizens. Mayors of cities tipped off illegals about ICE raids. Numerous cities and states violate national law to provide refuge for criminals.

Supporting American rights and values no longer matters to Democrats. They care about one thing.

But why? Yet they never appear to find evidence to back that claim. Their entire justification for opposing Trump is developed on a bunch of lies. Most of the timethey have to alter video or photos to make him look bad — just to be ashamed themselves.

Lynch hit the nail right on the head. His aims to help restore our strength and dignity is exactly what the abandoned (and corrupt Republicans) anxiety. They don’t really believe Trump is going to hurt America. They know he’ll continue to place us first, thus hurting the evil globalists that desired to destroy us.

But he is wise enough to recognize how poisonous and worthless our politicians are. He called them out as”children” Most of our lawmakers are petty, selfish, egotistical winners. They would rather hold rallies promising to impeach our officially elected president, than use him. That tells you everything you will need to know about Democrats.

It is really quite refreshing to find that a man as respected as Lynch talk so highly of Trump. You better believe there are artsy-fartsy types in Hollywood melt right now. To see him talking positively of Trump has only shattered their delicate minds. They’re fleeing to secure spaces as you read this.

Let’s make sure they remain there. Distribute this fantastic information to everyone that you know.

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Muslim Politician Who Sued Trump For ‘Lying’ About Muslims Gets Perfect Dose Of Karma

After a climbing Muslim politician sued President Donald Trump for $13 million for allegedly lying about Muslim migrants, he had been slapped with the perfectly ironic dose of karmic justice.

Liberals harbor such a virulent hatred for Trump and his fans that they’re eager to go to extremes so as to cause harm to their campaign. In fact, the left is indeed hypocritical in their own political mudslinging that they frequently accuse their opponents of the very crimes they commit.

After 50-year-old Communities United Party leader Kamran Malik of London heard would-be U.S. President Donald Trump claim in 2016 that portions of his city are so overtaken by Sharia law that authorities fear entering the regions, he became indignant.

Expectedly, Malik dropped his lawsuit only 1 month before Trump was chosen president, when London High Court Master Victoria McCloud dismissed the event, arguing that the remarks couldn’t be defamation”even if what had been he said caused real upset.” Though he endured a humiliating and fiscally devastating loss, it doesn’t even come close to what he’s facing today.

After dropping his lawsuit against President Donald Trump for allegedly perpetuating falsehoods, Kamran Malik was jailed for the exact same thing he accused the U.S. commander in chief of doing. According to the Daily Mail, Malik has been sentenced to 12 months in prison and ordered to pay over $63,000 for lying and scamming 6 Muslim migrants from more than $21,000 by giving them false immigration advice.

The few swindled a political refugee who hunted residency in the united kingdom for relatives, a girl who fled Iran, along with a guy whom Malik threatened for refusing to cover the criminal fees.

During sentencing, Southwark Crown Court Judge Stephen Robbins chastised Malik for taking advantage of vulnerable migrants, something the Muslim leader has accused President Trump of performing. Incredibly, Malik was already jailed for 24 weeks in 2014 for committing the same crimes.

“The really significant factors in this case are that once more you’re back before the courts after being sentenced for similar activities in 2014. Along with your offending was protracted period, there were multiple vulnerable victims — among whom had been seeking asylum. There was an abuse of a position of trust since you would fraudulently introduce yourself as a lawyer”

Malik told migrants that they had an”excellent chance” to obtain work visas through his bureau, KM Legal Advisory. However, his agency wasn’t registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner and Malik had no legal certification to provide these services.

Malik was only jailed for a year after pleading guilty to 5 counts related to providing immigration advice and services to migrants while unqualified. The court concluded that she allowed her husband’s criminal behavior through her own neglect.

Kamran Malik was hypocritically indignant after President Donald Trump’s 2016 remarks on MSNBC about Paris and London being”radicalized” by Muslim migrants.

“Paris is no longer the safe city it had been. They have segments in Paris which are radicalised, where the authorities refuse to go there. They’re petrified. The police refuse to move in there.”

He added: “We have areas in London and other areas that are so radicalised the authorities are afraid for their own lives. We have to be very intelligent and very attentive.”

The justices concluded that the president retains the legal capacity to impose such a ban, despite left-wing resistance calling the safety steps racist, according to The New York Times. Judges decided the ban was not racially or religiously discriminatory since it didn’t include Iraq and dozens of other”predominately Muslim nations,” but targeted countries that increase serious domestic security threats.

Liberals are so full of hate toward President Donald Trump and his supporters that they are prepared to perpetuate the same hypocrisy they claim to abhor. You can bet that if the left is condemning conservatives of a specific iniquity, they are probably guilty of it themselves.

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Federal Judge Brings Stormy Daniels’ Lawsuit To A Sudden Halt

A federal judge has ruled to put a stop to the attempts of Stormy Daniels, aka Stephany Clifford, to take her lawsuit to the next level.

The judge determined that she wouldn’t be able to continue her efforts to escape her”hush” arrangement, partly due to the continuing criminal investigation of President Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Whilst not cited by name, President Trump is referenced at the suit by a pseudonym.

“The gravity of this criminal investigation and the various competing interests in this activity advised in favor of a temporary stay,” explained U.S. District Judge James Otero, devoting his judgment in a federal court in Los Angeles.

Daniels has petitioned the court to rethink, and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, had hope that their case might go forward due to the fact that President Trump has acknowledged that there was an agreement, which can be something which he thought the judge was unaware of if the judgment was handed down.

However, that argument did nothing to sway Judge Otero.

“Since the holder of the privilege, it’s Mr. Cohen himself that must determine whether there is a reasonable’threat of incrimination’ that would warrant his silence,” he said.

That conclusion came after Avenatti spent weeks attempting to convince the judge to allow him to depose the President and receive the associated documents they thought would prove their situation.

According to Daniels, the non-disclosure arrangement should have been invalidated if just because it had been signed by Michael Cohen, and not President Trump.

The case to postpone was ruled on in favour of Cohen, due to the fact that issues that he was questioned about during the lawsuit, could incriminate him during the ongoing criminal investigation that caused his home and workplace to be raided in April.

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Insane Red Hen Owner Wasn’t Done With Sarah, Stalked Her Family And Now Things Are Getting Worse

It was a telling moment for Sarah Sanders since the White House Press Secretary was shunned from a Red Hen restaurant at Virginia.

It wasn’t that she was denied service that was the worst part, it had been the insanity that ensued soon then spoke volumes about what transpired while simultaneously telling the facts concerning the character of some of the people involved.

She wrote about it on Twitter and appeared to respect the decision of this restaurant to not serve her. Sanders and whomever she was traveled everywhere to some other restaurant. One might think that the problem ended there, with Sanders merely with a bite to eat someplace else, but according to Laura Ingraham that was not so much as near to exactly what occurred.

Getting kicked from the first restaurant was the tipping point of this iceberg that crashed directly ahead into chaotic oblivion. Based on Ingraham, it was Mike Huckabee who advised her that the owner of Red Hen followed Sanders and her people into the restaurant throughout the street and staged a nasty protest against them.

It’s quite disturbing to know that one restaurant operator would allegedly follow clients to a different restaurant and completely disturb the calmness as folks were eating.

Huckabee also said that some of the men and women that Sarah Sanders was with were liberal. That’s evidence that people of all political spectrums are still family and friends even if they disagree on political issues.

That shows the true tolerance of people who honor each other’s views, even when they disagree with them. That is something that Stephanie Wilkinson may want to figure out if she needs her company to survive. She dissed Sarah Sanders and alienated some of her customers, therefore it will be intriguing to see if the Red Hen stays in business much longer.

Here are the Tweets out of Laura Ingraham’s Twitter accounts that reveal the origin of the information.

This restaurateur of The Red Hen Stephanie Wilkinson not only told @PressSec Sanders to leave–acc to @GovMikeHuckabee in my radio show today, she FOLLOWED Sanders’ family throughout the road to frighten them at another restaurant they went to!

Red Hen owner is cheered by lefties when she claimed”moral conviction” transferred her to kick @SarahHuckabee out of her restaurant. Same audience drove Utah cake baker out of business since he dared to stand up to his beliefs. #hypocrisy

Last night I was told by the proprietor of Red Hen in Lexington, VA to leave because I work for @POTUS and I left. Her activities say far more about her than me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do this

The Advocate told more about the initial incident that lead to the part:
“Wilkinson told The Washington Post that her decision to request the White House Press Secretary to depart on Friday night stemmed from her homosexual employees; lots were angry by Sanders’s defense to the administration’s ban on transgender servicemembers (now tied up in the courts).

Tell me what you need me to perform. I am able to ask her to leave,” Wilkinson told her team, according to the Post. “They said’yes'”

Wilkinson drove to her restaurant after being alarmed that Sanders entered the restaurant with her husband and a group of other adults. The party had been served beverages and cheese boards by the time Wilkinson requested the press secretary if she could have a word with her outside the dining room.

The restaurant proprietor described as she talked to Sanders, but telling her that the restaurant functioned with criteria of”honest, compassion, and collaboration”; phrases which don’t comport with Sanders’s job performance. Wilkinson admits Sanders quickly agreed to depart and her celebration quietly departed.

Nevertheless, Sanders later sent a tweet out from her official account that named and shamed the restaurant, helping contribute to tens of thousands of restaurant reviews for its Red Hen.”

The political climate of the extreme left is becoming out of control. They seem to have lost respect for people who have various opinions. It looks like every time somebody attempts going after President Trump or his partners, the plot backfires and makes them look bad.

The Red Hen is an ideal illustration of how moving after Sarah Sanders could have completely backfired. When the Red Hen loses plenty of consumers, then how will they stay in operation? How will their business grown should they’ve alienated a part of their clients according to politics?

Is this another reason why politics needs to stop blending with each form of amusement from food, sports, films, etc?

Is the behavior of Stephanie Wilkinson considered violent and extremist? Can it be morally acceptable for her to follow Sarah Sanders and her folks to a different and wake up trouble while individuals were minding their own business?

Individuals like Maxine Waters are calling for actions against people who encourage that the American president. Doesn’t that seem a little extreme when somebody is a politician and calls for that sort of uncivilized behavior from their fellow Americans?

Is there any reason that people who do these activities could be dedicated to a crime?

It needs to be noted that the Red Hen at New Jersey is irrelevant to the one who kicked out Sarah Sanders. The Red Hen in Virgina is who kicked her out. The Red Hen in New Jersey is still good!

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Melania Just Got Nasty Surprise From Celebs And Dems With New Coats They’re Wearing

Mainstream media outlets and also the left are always watching the very first women moves in hopes that she will mess something up so imagine how excited they were when she wore ZARA coat with the message, “I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U?”

On the back of it. However, they overlooked the significance of her message completely, which is ironic because they are those who were the target of her message.

It appears that many have also forgotten the first lady is the immigrant who moved into the United States back in 1996 and became a lawful US citizen in 2001.

She’s nothing but sympathy for all the immigrants and their children that’s why she went to see them at the facility in Texas. In fact, she didn’t even wear the jacket in the TX centre, she wore it on the plane to send the message into the left and mainstream media outlets.

Of course, it is not any surprise to see many actors jump on board the latest bandwagon to speak out from the first family, which demonstrates that they did not understand the real message of this jacket either.

Based on Indy 100, Celebrities are protesting Melania Trump’s decision to wear a ZARA coat with the words’that I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U?’ While a kid detention centre was visited by her emblazoned across the back.

Her decision to wear the jacket was universally condemned, with people calling it’distasteful’ and’disgusting’.

The backlash forced Donald Trump to weigh in, asserting the words on the jacket were directed towards the’Fake News Media’.

Melania has heard how dishonest they are, and she really no more cares!

The First Lady’s spokeswoman contradicted her husband’s voice, saying there was’no hidden message’ within her wardrobe choice.

Now actors are trying to utilize their”celeb standing” to send their own messages but have they missed the mark completely? It seems that those celebrities and just a Congresswoman in Nevada are missing the point entirely and making it into something it is not only for their own gain.

Indy 100 noted that Disney celebrity Jenna Ortega made and wore a jacket with the words’I really do care and you should also’ written on the back. The 15-year-old wore the article of clothing onto the red carpet in the Radio Disney Music Awards on Friday.

In case anyone was doubt about who the message was for, she captioned her Instagram article’Dear @flotus’.

And she isn’t the sole one. Many followed suit.

According to Indy 100, Jill Vedder, the spouse of Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder submitted a picture on Instagram wearing a coat with the words ‘YES WE ALL CARE Y-DON’T-U’ printed on the back.

Congresswoman for Nevada Dina Titus tweeted an image of a piece of newspaper onto her back with’I care’ written on it to the First Lady.

Fashion homes have taken up the protest shout and designed their own #IDoCare jackets.

View this post on Instagram

When your husband takes your jacket

A post shared by Jill Vedder (@j__vedder) on

In fact, clothing company PSA Provide Co-released t-shirts based on the coat’s design with the words’I actually do care, do not you?’ Written on them.

Countless shirts were sold over the first 12 hours of going on sale, raising more than $10,000 (#7,500) for United We Dream, a non-pro organization campaigning for relief and acceptable treatment for young undocumented migrants in the US.

The firm, which is run by viral video website Upworthy, wrote:’Following Melania’s fashion disaster now, we figured we had to do something about it’

We sprung our Rapid Response unit into action, known as our friends at United We Dream, and are introducing here, a much better message: We Care. We Really Can.

Fundamentally, the way they’re reacting is demonstrating Melania’s point. The way everybody is responding to what she wore and their response proves Melania’s unique point that she doesn’t care about their opinions of her.

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Trump Just Dropped Devastating News On Maxine After Calling For Abuse Against Trump Staffers

President Trump tweeted “Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an extraordinarily low IQ individual, is now, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Face of the Democrat Party.

She’s only called for injury to supporters, of that there are many, of this Make America Great Again movement. Take care what you wish for Max!”

It is clear that the leftist progressives believe their very own fictional facts and violent rhetoric. In fact, many leftists believe we are unintelligent and not able to keep up with the facts, or else they opt to have selective memories.

Again, Democrats believe we’re all dumb and do not keep up with FACTS, and we won’t detect their hypocrisy or black politicization of the situation.

This is the only reason that politicians like Rep. Maxine Waters will eliminate calling”open up” on Trump’s administration, claiming his officials will not have the ability to go outside and eat, shop, or get gas without being harassed and assaulted by”loving liberals.”

Normal Americans find this bullying and Illness abhorrent.

She has just called for harm to fans, of that there are many, of this Make America Great Again motion. Be careful what you wish for Max!

Maxine Waters has crossed a dangerous line, advocating for horse style politics, calling for attacks and violence against all Trump officials. She is openly encouraging her fans to fight against the Trump administration amid backlash over the White House’s”zero-tolerance” immigration policy — also stated”the people” will”absolutely harass” Trump staffers.

In an appearance on Saturday on MSNBC, Waters suggested that folks start devoting, and protesting members of the administration of President Donald Trump in shops, restaurants, and gasoline stations.

Waters’ inflammatory remarks were in regards to another weekend incident at which White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders being asked to leave a Red Hen restaurant at Virginia this weekend.

Waters stated –“I don’t have any sympathy for these people that are in this administration who understand it’s wrong for what they’re doing on so many fronts. They tend to not want to face this president even leave, but they know what they’re doing is incorrect.

I would like to let you know, these members of his cabinet who remain and try to defend them, they will not be able to visit a restaurant, so they won’t be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not likely to be able to store at a department store. The individuals will turn on them.

They are likely to protest. They are going to frighten them until they decide that they’re going to tell the president’No, I can not hang with you.’ This isn’t right. That is unconscionable. We can not continue doing this to kids.”

She went on to add –“We have to push back. We’ve got to say . I, for example, have stepped out there. I said this guy needs to be impeached. I know a good deal of people think we are not ready to say that.

Some people have stated quite a while back he’d become presidential. He will never be . This guy does not have any excellent worth. I think he needs to be impeached. As a matter of fact, a very long time before he is doing exactly what he is doing now with these kids.

I believe he’d done enough to undermine this nation and also to have us know we cannot trust him, we should have come with an impeachment resolution. So, I believe we can’t wait until the upcoming presidential election. We have to resist him.

It appears the left may never be out of touch with the American people and what they really want. With the exclusion of a progressives and open boundaries proponents, the huge majority of Americans are not outraged at President Trump for his existing enforcement of laws past administrations.

New polling shows Americans blame the reckless illegal parents who would drag their children into a life of crime and over a boundary illegally.

When a real family is in real need of asylum, then there are loads of LEGAL points of entrance they can visit for help.

Adding insult to injury, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA-D) has openly denounced”Mad” Maxine Waters’ reckless and violent rhetoric.

Newsweek states —

“At the crucial months ahead, we have to try to make America beautiful again. Trump’s daily absence of civility has triggered responses which are predictable but improper. As we proceed, we must run elections in a way that accomplishes unity from sea to shining sea,” Pelosi tweeted.:

From the crucial months ahead, we must try to make America beautiful again. Trump’s daily lack of civility has provoked responses that are predictable but improper. As we go forward, we must conduct elections in a manner that accomplishes unity from sea to shining sea.

We do detect. Everyone is discovering.

That’s the sole reason that politicians like Rep. Maxine Waters can get away with calling”open season” on Trump’s administration, asserting his officials will not be able to go outside and eat, shop, or buy gas without being harassed and assaulted by”loving liberals.”

This kind of disgusting behavior only appeals to radical fringe liberals. Regular Americans locate this bullying and disrespect abhorrent.

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Red Hen Owner Just Issued Sick Threat To Sarah Sanders After Biz Was Destroyed By Booting Her

Among the far-left liberal owners of the Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington, Virginia apparently did not learn her lesson once she chose to throw Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of her restaurant on Friday evening, then coming under assault of a complete army of”Deplorables.”

Regardless of all the backlash, Stephanie Wilkinson has doubled down and is now claiming she does not repent what she did Friday.

All this mess started when Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, together with her Husband along with six other friends decided to go out to dinner this past Friday night in the Red Hen Restaurant.

As Sanders along with the rest inside her celebration nibbled in what we can only surmise as mediocre crackers and cheese, the owner of the restaurant has been called to the institution where she asked Sanders to return to the terrace with her.

When they got to the patio Wilkerson told her the restaurant had”certain criteria” like”honesty, and empathy, and collaboration.” So she asked Sanders to depart.

She agreed because Sanders is a lady. She gathered up her stuff and left, together with the rest of her celebration.

Vice noted:

But despite all the backlash she’s gotten from the right, Stephanie Wilkinson says she does not regret a thing.

“We simply felt there are moments in time when folks need to live their own convictions. This appeared to be one.”

When Sanders came to the Red Hen along with her husband along with six other people on Friday night, the boxer called Wilkinson to mention the team was”a little concerned,” Wilkinson told the Post.

She headed to the restaurant, and–while Sanders and her friends munched on cheeseboards–called the team to a huddle in the kitchen, and asked if they wanted Sanders to leave. According to the Article, a handful of her workers are gay, and many others are revulsed by Sanders’ treatment of this emergency at the boundary. They wanted her gone.

Wilkinson took Sanders out into the patio and asked her to leave, telling her why the restaurant had”certain criteria” like”honesty, and compassion, and collaboration,” Wilkinson told the Post. Sanders agreed to proceed, gathered up her things, and headed out, followed by the remainder of her party, whose meal Wilkinson comped.

Following the White House Press Secretary identified the place by name on Twitter, President Trump called it”filthy,” and a army of his assistants got busy screwing with its business–beginning a campaign to make a bunch of bogus dinner reservations and tanking its score on Yelp.

I always had a guideline, if a restaurant is filthy on the outside, it’s dirty on the inside!

The restaurant’s Yelp page has been bombarded with over 11,000 one-star reviews, leaving it in a sound one-and-a-half.

Piggybacking on Trump’s dig on the area being”filthy,” several pissed-off reviewers have claimed to have discovered roaches in their food because Sanders was kicked out, but some have compared Wilkinson to a Nazi and called her and her staff”un-American hateful bigots.”

“I’ve a company, and I want the company to flourish. This feels just like the moment in our democracy when people need to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to maintain their morals.”

Saturday afternoon the Press Secretary hadn’t any difficulty in telling her story and actually named the establishment on Twitter, which was followed by President Trump calling it”filthy” on his Twitter page.

Which in turn led to a military people deplorables wasting no time whatsoever in creating our feelings heard on social networking, on Yelp and by creating fake dinner reservations in demonstration. The Restaurant’s Yelp page currently has the company at one star and a half.

While on the other side, liberals were pleased to leave this slum a 5-star rating although they threw a hissy fit every time a Christian baker didn’t need to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding a few years back.

Wilkerson went on to confirm to the Article she feels like this is the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable decisions and actions to maintain their morals.

Odd which she’d cite morals as it pertains in the side that amuses a sexual predator such as Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary who dragged his accusers through the mud in order to conserve her own political ambitions.

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Liberals Enter Meltdown Mode Over What Mike Huckabee Just Told Nancy Pelosi

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee sure knows how to push liberals’ buttons.

Pelosi tweeted a photo of what he predicted Pelosi’s”campaign committee” for the upcoming legislative elections.

In the photograph were members of the infamous Hispanic offense group MS-13, which President Trump says has exploited lax enforcement of immigration laws to reinforce its own numbers with illegal migrants from Mexico and elsewhere.

Needless to say, liberals, Democrats and their ilk were not impressed.

A flood of hostile responses to delivered to Huckabee:


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