2 Guests At White House Event Kneel During National Anthem, Trump Makes Them Regret It Immediately

The Army Chorus sang, beginning the event with’America the Beautiful’ and reasoned with’God Bless America’.

At least 2 people who were guests in President Trump’s Celebration of America event yesterday knelt, showing precisely why so many Americans are ticked over the National Anthem controversy.

The occasion replaced a party in the White House in honor of the Super Bowl triumph for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Both of these idiots took a knee since the”Star Spangled Banner” rang out over the South Lawn of the White House. Simply disgraceful.

It reveals a guy, wearing a light blue button down, kneeling as the National Anthem played, before clapping and finally coming to his feet after the song finished.

What it really amounted to was making a fool out of himself internationally.

President Trump showcases all of these liberal dimwits for what they are… America-hating, revolutionary leftists who are far more enthusiastic about hating our brave police officers and our country than they are in respecting America and taking national pride within their country and President.

When President Trump chose the podiumhe blew his audience away with his passion for our nation, army, police, flag and the National Anthem.

He left every single individual who disrespects them like this seem like the small, craven liberals that they really are. The guy, who didn’t identify himself, left the event promptly after the United States Marine Band performed the anthem, according to a news anchor to TV2 Denmark. Gee, crawling away with his tail between his legs like the lowly cur he . Guess he could not stand patriotism after he revealed how much he hates his own nation.

There was a second man who had been pictured kneeling as well. This was posted to Twitter with a CNN White House manufacturer. He had been wearing a light blue checkered shirt and had a tiny American flag. This man was right up front. He was apparently the exact same person who allegedly heckled Trump. That guy was roundly booed by everybody around him.

CNN’s analyst April Ryan posted false information on Twitter yesterday claiming people were booing Trump when it had been the heckler they went after. She finally retracted exactly what she said after her own colleagues called her out on the lie. “Stop hiding behind the armed services and the National Anthem,” the guy yelled into a chorus of boos, according to the Daily Mail. “Let us hear it for the Eagles.” “Go home,” one man shouted at the heckler.

The President didn’t engage the heckler, but looked in his direction and pursed his lips. He seemed just like he wanted to slap him. Right there with ya.

President Trump disinvited that the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House after they first said they had over 70 players coming into the People’s House to observe. By this week, that amount had dropped to less than ten and to just one player.

They kept trying to change the date to one where President Trump will be out of the country. I really don’t blame the President at least for canceling the trip. This has been totally appropriate. Should you insist on being ungrateful and insulting a sitting President of the United States, then you do not deserve the honour of visiting the White House period.

Trump claimed on Monday that the team disagreed”with their President since he insists they stand for the National Anthem, hand on heart, in honor of the great people of the military and the people of the nation.”

Eagles players denied that accusation, pointing out that no one on the group knelt for the anthem during the season. But this has nothing to do with how each individual on the group states his beliefs and reveals his disrespect for President Trump.

The man who was booed after shouting @ POTUS also took a knee throughout the anthem but appears to also sing the anthem while kneeling, based on pic from Olivier Douliery/ TNS. (He was supporting me & I did not turn around until I heard him shouting)

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused the team of a”political stunt” just minutes prior to Tuesday’s alternative event began, claiming that the players had selected to”abandon their fans.” That’s exactly what they did.

“In case this wasn’t a political stunt from the Eagles franchise afterward they wouldn’t have committed to attend the occasion then backed out,” she stated in her Tuesday press briefing. “And when it was not a political stunt, then they wouldn’t have attempted to reschedule the trip while the President was overseas.”

Trump was short in his remarks and just spoke for about four minutes. He started by explaining why it’s an issue of patriotism for Americans to stand for the National Anthem.

“We still stand to honor our military and to honor country and also to honor the fallen heroes who never left it home.” Yes, we do… and the ones that don’t can take a hike.

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Breaking: Obama Was Just Caught

A new report has exposed the Obama government granting a permit to Iran that let them access the U.S. Financial system.

As reported by foxnews.com

“Even after the specific permit was issued, U.S. government officials maintained congressional testimony that Iran wouldn’t be granted access into the U.S. monetary system”

“The Obama management during the negotiation of the Iran deal tricked the American public,” said Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), subcommittee chairman. “I believe they did because they were desperate to find a deal”

Once the nations involved with the Iran nuclear arrangement implemented the bargain, Iran had $5.7 billion in assets at Bank Muscat in Muscat, Oman, claimed as Omani rials, according to the subcommittee.

Iran wanted to access that cash, and employing the U.S. monetary system to convert it “was the most effective means, although U.S. sanctions prohibited it,” according to the report.

Government officials tried to convince two U.S. banks to execute the conversion. They both declined, citing the complexity and the unwanted appearance involved with processing an undercover trade, according to the report.

With no compliant American bank, a senior State Department official said that he thought Bank Muscat and Iran finally used European banks to convert the funds, said the committee.

It is intriguing that they tried to assert Barack Obama had no scandals during his Presidency but it appears every month something new we did not understand about emerges.

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Breaking: Dems Just Lost the Supermajority

California Democrats will reportedly lose their superb majority as one lawmaker is being recalled from office and replaced with a Republican Assemblywoman.

According to thehill.com

California Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman is going to probably be recalled from office following voting in favour of this nation’s gas tax, an outcome that may prove to be an ominous indication for Democrats in the autumn.

The incumbent’s support of this petrol tax was the fundamental focus of this recall campaign against him, along with the endeavor’s success will increase Republican hopes their applicants may run on the problem in the autumn.

Without valid odds of winning the Senate or Senate races, Republicans have coalesced around the petrol tax as means to motivate the foundation.

GOP Rep. Mimi Walters, among the most vulnerable incumbents that cycle, was a vocal opponent of this tax increase.

Among the best House chairs on the map at November. Hence that the area will be home to 2 high profile clashes in the autumn, as Democrats seem to win the state Senate chair and reverse Royce’s House seat.

That is a major deal for California since Democrats have held a supermajority for quite a while. It might
put a halt to the crazy legislation we’ve seen coming from California in the last couple of decades.

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George Soros Facing Prison

Soros and his cronies are encouraging prospective prosecutors who prefer lower incarceration rates, crackdowns on police misconduct and changes within a bail system that they argue discriminates against the poor.

“If they triumph in San Diego or Sacrаmento, L.A. is next.”

She called Soros supporting her rival Geneviéve Jones-Wright a open safety threat.

“I really like it!” She said at a recent fundraiser. “If he did not take an interest in this campaign, it would be a much more uneven playing field.”

This comes following Duane Chapman, also Called Puppy The Bounty Seeker, joined with his partner Beth to go up against Roseanne Scotti, Senior Chief of Soros’ Sedate Approach Alliance.

“I wished to inquire if SHE had done drugs if she had ever had a problem with medication if she had been strung out on drugs to the stage you could barely function in society. And when she said no if she hasn’t had that experience then why would she be talking like she’s,” Beth explained.

“People seem to forget that Duane and I have been dealing with these people [drug addicts]n a day to day basis. We know who should get out and that shouldn’t get out of prison.”

“They’re running a scam to drive pre-trial discharge and steal more taxpayer cash. Nonetheless, it is not even a problem of it just’not working’ they are directly trying to aide and abed, and increase, the criminal element that exists on our streets at this time,” she said.

They’re trying to achieve this by pushing that story that doing drugs is a’disorder’ — it is not a disease. The gоod hardworking people of America know that these aren’t diseases, they’re options, and lasted bad decisions cause addiction… depending on the type of substance, which can be heroin and opiates.”

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Melania’s Close Friends Are Worried For Her After What They’ve Just Found Out

48-year-old Melania Trump’s dearest friends are concerned after what they are finding out about her. Melania had surgery on her kidney, stayed in the hospital for some time, then returned home.

However, that was the last time anyone outside of the White House has witnessed her. Some of her friends outside of the White House might be wondering why she hasn’t been seen for three or more weeks. It’s like she is a ghost and nobody knows what she is up to.

Some folks are worried about her, but she’s probably just recovering and working on jobs the First Lady is accountable for. She does not owe the public anything, nor does she have to see with the mainstream press or paparazzi. She is allowed to prevent them if she wishes. Her friends might be worrying because it isn’t something they are used to.

Even though the First Lady seemingly took to Twitter to reveal that she had been resting at the White House, a lot of men and women are worried that there’s much more to the story than has been told. “nobody has learned from Melania over these past few weeks, along with her cell phone was switched off.

Whenever any friends enquire as to where she is, or she is, we are just told that she is’fine’ and that she’s’recovering’ but really doesn’t make any sense.

Nobody believes that Melania wrote that past tweet, everybody thinks that has been composed by Donald [Trump], since it did not read at the way that Melania writes.To have radio jumps for this long is just strange, something is going on, but nobody knows what, it’s certainly concerning.”

Without warning, it was announced that she had been undergoing kidney surgery on May 14 and since even before the operation (May 10), she has not made any appearances either independently or with the Donald.

Although she might very well be recovering from the surgery, many find it odd that there is no indication from anyone that she is at the White House like the tweet maintained and Naturally, there has been a ton of theories to go along with the Circumstance, including one that claims she may have transferred from Washington D.C.”

Meanwhile, Mirror wrote this:

“It has been 23 days since Melania Trump was seen in people and people are getting worried. On May 14th Mrs Trump had surgery to get a”benign kidney condition” and has not been observed in the three weeks since.

And it gets weirder.

The President pointed to a window at the White House residence, saying:”She’s doing great. She is looking at us .”

But when reporters turned to look, she was not there. There was no indication of her.

And then there’s THAT tweet. The First Lady — or at least someone using her Twitter accounts — posted a message on Friday.

It read:”I see the media is working overtime speculating where I am & what I’m doing.

While it’s entirely possible that the message is real and she is really just working too hard to appear in people, there’s something that sticks out as being very unusual.

It’s the first time the First Lady has used that phrase, in her tweets at least.”

I guess that is our answer. Melania is recovering and functioning.

Trump loves the press and free press coverage, so if there was something happening with Melania, then he’d likely say it and observe the people turn it into something controversial.

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Ex-Navy Sailor Pardoned By Trump Just Got Immediate Revenge On Hillary – No Recovering From This

And now we’re happy to report that President Trump has once more done what he claimed.

A former Navy sailor who was among five individuals to receive a pardon from President Donald Trump last week is now planning to file a lawsuit against Obama government officials for not supplying him equal protection under the law.

Kristian Saucier, who served a year in federal prison only for shooting photos of classified sections of a submarine where he worked has now made the argument that the very same officials that handed out punishment would be the individuals who chose to be lenient with Hillary Clinton when it comes to her use of a personal email server and handling of classified data.

Saucier’s attorney, Ronald Daigle confirmed to Fox News today that the lawsuit which will be submitted shortly in Manhattan will name the U.S. Department of Justice, former FBI Director James Comey and former President Barack Obama along with many others as defendants.

Here is more on this through Fox News:

“They interpreted the law in my case to state it was criminal,” Saucier told Fox News, speaking to prosecuting police in his case,”but they did not prosecute Hillary Clinton. Two men on my ship did exactly the exact same thing and were not treated as criminals. We want them to fix the wrong.”

Daigle said that a note about the impending lawsuit was delivered to the Department of Justice and many others contained in it in December. There is generally a six-month period that must lapse until the lawsuit really is registered.

“We will highlight the differences in how Hillary Clinton was prosecuted and how my customer was prosecuted,” Daigle said. “We are seeking to cast a light on this to demonstrate that there’s a two-tier justice system and we need it to be adjusted.”

Trump frequently compared the Obama administration’s handling of Saucier’s case with that of Clinton.

He said he simply wanted service mementos, but federal prosecutors claimed he was a disgruntled sailor who had put national security at risk by taking photos revealing the submarine’s propulsion system and reactor compartment and blocked justice by destroying a laptop and camera.

Saucier stated that he recognized he had erred in accepting the photos, which he stated he wanted to reveal only to his loved ones to show them worked. But he glanced in Obama officials, saying that his prosecution was politically motivated, motivated by sensitivity regarding classified data amid the scandal involving Clinton’s emails.

“My case was usually something handled by military courts,” he explained.

A felony conviction left him scrambling to locate work; he finally landed a job collecting garbage. Now, he works on design and engineering projects for an industrial boiler firm.

“Things have started to go in the perfect way,” Saucier said. “I use a group of very great folks, I get to use my skills set.”

Due to the lack of income through his imprisonment, as well as earning below his potential when he gathered garbage, he and his wife Sadie lost their home to foreclosure.

Debt collectors called and his cars were repossessed.

“With a pardon there’s no magic wand which gets waved and makes everything right,” he stated,”However, I try to keep optimistic and look forward.”

He praises the pardons that Trump has granted after his, also takes exception in the criticism.

“The Obama administration singled out Dinesh for items most people do not even get charged for,” Saucier said. “President Trump noticed that my career was exemplary and that I did not deserve what happened to me.

Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza, who had been pardoned by Trump last week, had pleaded guilty to campaign finance fraud.

Trump tweeted Thursday:”Will be giving a Full Pardon to Dinesh D’Souza today. He was treated very unfairly by our government!”

This could really be the straw that breaks the camel’s back when it comes to the corruption of the Barack Hussein Obama administration.

They place a young guy, who didn’t know any better, in prison for shooting a picture but they allow a traitor which very well could be responsible for the ***h of over 50 of our troops go because he, in his psychological illness decided to get a s*x change operation. And lets not even mention all the lawlessness the Obama administration let Hillary Clinton get away with.

It will be good to see how all this plays out, perhaps this can open a few eyes and start the ball rolling so we can finally see folks from the DNC Crime Syndicate place behind bars, and I don’t mean a couple of men and women who they will pick as fall guys, time to see Comey, Obama, and Hillary as mobile mates!

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Roseanne Just Got Last Laugh On ABC Days After Network Wrongfully Cancelled Her Huge Show

It has been a very bad week for Roseanne as she dropped her display on a controversial Tweet.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock this whole week you have probably heard about the wreck Roseanne Barr due to conversing out a joke in bad taste about Barack Obama’s former adviser and friend Valerie Jarrett.

Of course, since”Roseanne” was a show that doesn’t constantly attack those who voted for and encourage President Donald Trump, the show was canceled within a couple of hours following the tweet has been sent although Roseanne had apologized to it.

But the great news is that it is reporting this entire mess can cause ABC to lose an expected $60 million in advertising dollars, in addition to the cover of 13 episodes to the majority of the cast, so they will be spending between $350,00 to $500,000 per incident since they were already under contract.

Since ABC is connected to Disney they thrive on pushing the agenda forward and this has to stop. My guess is they just used this chance to knock out Roseanne because like Samantha Bee, who telephoned Ivanka Trump a”C***” on her show, and apologized to it so she would not be fired, therefore did Roseanne.

“Although the decision was widely viewed as necessary given the racist nature of star Roseanne Barr’s social media assault on senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, many sources with knowledge of this situation suggest that ABC and parent company Disney may be on the hook for thousands of bucks,” Rose reported.

“And that doesn’t include the foregone ad revenue,” she said, citing an industry report from Kantar Media that said that the revival of the 1990s-era sitcom was expected to induce 60 million in advertising bucks.

“The’Roseanne’ wake: that gets paid?” Ms. Rose summarized.

She said that her sources show that ABC producers will not be able to invoke the”force majeure clause,” that allows them to offset contracts as a result of sudden, catastrophic events.

Hollywood Reporter provided information about who may be getting paid for your scrapped season considering they might have been under contract.

“Stars Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman hope to get compensated for the scrapped season, although what, if anything, the writers will receive stays less clear.

The sudden cancellation of Roseanne won’t come cheap. Although the conclusion was broadly viewed as necessary given the racist character of star Roseanne Barr’s social networking assault on Valerie Jarrett, the former senior adviser to Barack Obama, several sources with knowledge of this situation imply that ABC and parent company Disney may be on the hook for”thousands of dollars.”

And that does not include the forgone ad revenue, as broadcast’s No. 1 show was expected to induce at least 60 million in its 11th season, based on Kantar Media. Insiders, meanwhile, denied the”tens of millions of dollars” sum and pegged it at significantly less.

According to those very same sources, no discussions were Tuesday about how all this will play out since all involved were still in a state of shock.

ABC’s top television executives, Ben Sherwood and Channing Dungey, are expected to engage as early as Wednesday with representatives for Tom Werner, whose Carsey-Werner production company produced the initial run as well as the revival, on the topic of reimbursement for the cast and crew. Werner is repped by UTA, which also represents several authors, such as showrunner Bruce Helford, on the sequence.

Per multiple insiders, reps for its stars, including Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman, who recently negotiated new deals for the 11th season at $300,000 an event (up from $250,000 a year before), are expecting to still be paid for at least 10 episodes of the season as, as many note,”Their options have been exercised.” Or at least that is the case they mean to create when ABC chooses to not pay them for the jettisoned season.

What is less clear is whether and how the writing staff is going to be reimbursed. Just a very select few — and perhaps even just one — have a clause in their contracts which requires that they be paid for a minimum number of episodes, in this case 10, regardless of whether anything has generated.

(The scrapped 11th season was due to conduct 13 episodes, up from nine.) The remainder of the writing staff is contractually bound to be paid only for produced episodes, where there were none. In reality, in a surreal twist, the authors room for the forthcoming season started Tuesday, although insiders suggest small got done given the fallout of this viral (and since deleted) tweet.

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SWAT Swarms David Hogg’s House In Florida — Wishes He Had A Gun Now!

David Hogg has become a vocal advocate for gun control ever since he survived the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

David Hogg was the victim of a so-called”swatting” prank Tuesday when a hoax 911 call saying he had been kidnapped sent a team of heavily armed police officers into his house. The teen activist is currently in Washington, D.C.

“The telephone was seeing someone in the house using a weapon,” said Gina Carter, a BSO spokesperson. “We reacted to the home and cleared the property. It was established that the call was a hoax and detectives are investigating to attempt and learn who made the telephone.”

They made contact with the Hogg family, who had been in Washington DC, to make sure they were safe.

Two elementary schools in Parkland were put on a temporary lockdown. Hogg, 18, has become a vocal advocate for gun law reform because the 14 February shooting Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school where 14 students and three teachers were murdered. He has frequently found himself the target of abuse.

Last month a Florida police officer had been suspended for a Facebook post where he suggested Hogg should be conducted over in a demonstration against a grocery chain that contributed to some pro-National Rifle Association politician.

For his part, Hogg described Tuesday’s episode as”a ridiculous prank.” He advised CBS Miami,”It is an attempt to attempt to divert us from what we’re attempting to do, which is solve the gun violence epidemic and receive youth out to vote.” Hogg stated he had no idea who would have been supporting the telephone.

The adolescent activist may want to start carrying this incident more seriously, though. It might have just as easily been a real threat, particularly if — God forbid — which has been the circumstance, he’d have had no way to shield himself. That’s precisely the problem with gun control — criminals do not adhere to the legislation.

We’ve said it a thousand times, but I guess we will say it again since it is so important in this situation, in particular: The only way to prevent a bad guy with a gun would be having a good guy with a gun.

It’s certainly a good thing that there was no real danger in David Hogg’s home today. He might be the most annoying adolescent in the usa, but we wouldn’t need him to be severely hurt. Following this scare, nevertheless, he might need to look at arming himself — if he could get around all of those pesky gun control laws he’s lobbied for, that is.

He’s even decided to take a gap year rather than going to college this fall just so he can pursue his”activism.” If there was a hostage situation at Hogg’s house, he’d surely wish that he had a method to defend himself.

Hogg has set himself as one of the most recognized activists in the nation, and therefore, he has made himself a target. There are a lot of people who do not take kindly to his antics. If he was smart, he would take a weapon. That’s a bit problematic when you’re incessantly campaigning for gun control, however.

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Trump’s New Border Wall Has Special “Feature” That Stops Illegals In Their Tracks

Construction Started on the US-Mexico border wall in San Diego County on Friday.

Now, it’s being reported that President Donald Trump has included a special new”feature” on his long-promised border wall that will prevent illegal immigrants in his or her tracks. You are going to love this!

President Donald Trump promised that the American people that he would work diligently to repair our broken immigration system, and he is currently delivering on that vow.

During his campaign for the White House and in rallies after he won the presidency, Trump touted the massive boundary wall he would build between the U.S. and Mexico. Well, on Friday, construction began in Southern California.

True to his word, President Trump is building the best boundary wall American patriots could have hoped for, complete with a special new feature sure to prevent illegal immigrants in their tracks: an anti-climbing plate.

Construction started Friday about the US-Mexico boundary wall project at Border Field State Park, the next job in San Diego County. The job will replace roughly 14 kilometers of scrap metal wall which stands around 10 ft high with a wall between 18 and 30 feet tall.

Crews will build the wall starting half a mile from the Pacific Ocean, east into the bottom of Otay Mountain in East County. Work has been achieved by SLSCO, a Texas-based construction firm, at a cost of $147 million.

While the CBP said the existing wall was powerful, it had been erected in the 1990s from Vietnam-era scrap metal and needed replacing to cope with what the CBP called an increased cross-border threat. [Resource: FOX4]

“The construction of the new large wall will improve overall border safety, the safety and effectiveness of Border Patrol agents, the safety of the general public, and will enhance the atmosphere for business and trade in the area,” explained Rodney Scott, the Chief Patrol Agent for the San Diego Sector.

“Under this president’s direction, we have a renewed commitment to secure our edge,” added Ronald Vitiello, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Acting Deputy Commissioner. “The new main wall-project represents a significant milestone in our job to guarantee the international border.”

“Does it substantially upgrade our existing infrastructure at San Diego, it also marks the third concurrent wall project in the U.S. and reflects CBP’s unwavering commitment to secure our borders and protect our Nation,” Vitiello concluded. Two other boundary projects in progress comprised two kilometers of wall in Calexico, California, and 20 miles of border wall in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

President Donald Trump visited San Diego, California, in March so as to review eight enormous prototypes for the wall. While he was there, his dialog with a Border Patrol Agent was caught on camera, revealing what the current wall is made from. President Trump was noticeably stunned when he discovered the facts.

An unidentified agent told the president that guards in his place had built a wall out of scrap metal, having no additional substances to use, and even this makeshift barrier was 95% effective. “There was effectively no border in San Diego. It was a chaotic situation,” the agent told Trump. “We put it in place just to delineate where the border was. And it changed our environment.”

There can be no doubt that President Trump’s border wall will be successful — if scrap metal can keep so many undocumented immigrants at bay, the impenetrable barrier Trump’s team is working on could address our immigration issues almost entirely.

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Harry Shattered As Meghan’s ‘True Colors’ Start To Show 2 Weeks After Wedding

It’s now been two weeks since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot at St. George’s Chapel in front of a congregation of 600 guests.

With Meghan settling to her posh new life, it seems that her”true colors” are starting to show, and Harry has been shattered by the realization that his blushing bride is not quite as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle declared their engagement ahead of the holiday season of 2017, the public began to express their worries that maybe the American actress wasn’t quite who Harry thought her to become.

After all, she had been married and divorced once before, with left her first husband once the relationship was no more convenient or beneficial to her.

There were also concerns surrounding Meghan’s extremely liberal political views. Members of the Royal Family are banned from pushing a political agenda, yet Meghan was a bonafide feminist activist when she met Harry.

This was not exactly great news for Britain, particularly as tensions between the British government and President Donald Trump were large. Meghan, one of Trump’s fiercest critics, certainly wasn’t going to help the circumstance.

The”Suits” celebrity was increased in a broken home; she didn’t have anything close to the”breeding” the Royal Family typically looks to get a new penis. She is no Kate Middleton.

Together with Meghan Markle’s parents being divorced, and together with the celebrity having already been through one failed marriage of her own, it is statistically much more likely that her marriage to Harry will fail than it is the marriage will flourish.

RadarOnline reports,”After marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle is presently a strong figure with a voice that can draw the world’s attention to some humanitarian or charitable cause she chooses, but many in Meghan’s family are not so lucky!” Apparently, Meghan’s mother, in particular, is having a very difficult time adjusting to how her life won’t ever be the exact same today that her daughter is royalty.

61-year-old Doria Ragland is “miserable” after being”silenced” from the Royal Family, according to a source close to the new Duchess of Sussex. “Doria can’t eat, talk or otherwise open her mouth around Meghan unless she accomplishes it together with the Royal family,” explained the origin. “They have silenced her and made her sign a non-disclosure agreement”

Some reluctantly tried getting her to give them details about the lavish ceremony, since they were eager to know more about Meghan’s special afternoon, but it was to no avail. Sadly, Doria was banned from telling her closest girlfriends on her own daughter’s wedding.

“Her friends are asking how the marriage has been, how the food was, asking how joyful Meghan is and all Doria did was shrug her shoulders,” said the source. “She did not mention a word. It is so sad. The poor lady feels and looks miserable.”

There has been lots of misery felt by both of Meghan’s parents lately. Just days before the marriage, Meghan’s father Thomas Markle contacted her at least two different occasions asking for monetary help. It’s been reported that Thomas Markle is currently living in a dilapidated shack in Mexico where he resides on cheap tacos as well as cheaper beer.

Mr. Markle desperately needs financial assistance, and his daughter is surely in a position to give it to him. No expense was spared Meghan’s schooling, and it’s mainly because of the that she went on to marry a prince.

Apparently, she doesn’t see fit to return to the guy who’s given her . When Thomas Markle begged his daughter for cash — something which must have been humiliating for him, to begin with — his cherished daughter closed him down coldly. “Meghan refused,” another source told Radar. “She did not give a reason as to why not, she just said no”

Anyone with children can relate to how crushed Meghan’s parents must be right today. One of them isn’t even allowed to discuss her only daughter and the other was coldly turned off in his moment of need. This lady’s”true colors” appear to be as dreadful as we suspected all along.

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